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Utah Bride Blog // Spring Insipiration

We are thrilled to have a video featured on the Utah Bride Blog today!     First, it was amazing to me as I realized how the decor and design of a wedding can create a mood.  Inspired by the bright, simple, and colorful elements I wanted to create a video that really showed them off.  Second, I decide to highlight these elements with a touch of that look from old home videos that captured the pure sweet feelings and experiences of springs and summers past.  The intended final result was a fresh look at how fun and light your wedding could be by incorporating such a lovely setup.  So happy to have been a part of this great collaboration of professionals and innovators in the industry.

Design: Invitations: Flowers: Photography: Video: {yours truely} Hair / Makeup: Jaclyn Lamoreaux Cake: Venue: Dress: Custom Suit: Jewelry:


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