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michael & megan . wedding preview

Is it good luck when it rains on your wedding day? In my selfish opinion – YES! Some of my favorite weddings this year have rained and rained hard! This one was a little different. Being the great adventurers and lovers of the outdoors that they are Mike & Megan decided on Deer Valley for their wedding celebration. Making the trip from Texas and all corners of the world friends and family came together to be a part of this great day. Into the early afternoon the rain was not letting up and because the ceremony was scheduled to take place at the top of the mountain backup plans were hesitantly being put into motion. Up until literally (and when I say literally I mean it – I was timing the thing!) the last minute no one was sure if that was still going to happen. Finally the clouds parted and the sun shine through at just the right moment and this is the result!

Also didn’t hurt that I happen to be working with the wonderful Pepper Nix photography.


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