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Music Licensing

We love good music and we believe that a great song is critical in order to make a film great.  This is why our library of meticulously curated licensed music, includes only the highest quality artists and musicians.  While we are not attorneys, and any specific question regarding music licensing should be answered by a qualified attorney.  The following is general information to increase understanding and help clear up common misconceptions.

Frequently asked questions

Why license music?

Why license music?

With the diverse and growing landscape of social platforms there has been a historic rise of online video sharing over the past 10 years.  With that rise, there have been drastic changes to the policies for music and their use in videos. In addition, artists and music companies are eager to ensure they are being paid for their work.

In short, without an appropriate license, the user is illegally using an artist’s original work and may be subject to legal action or litigation. It’s essential to know how to license music for the protection of the artist and the person using their work.​

Social Media and Licensed Music

Social Media and Licensd Music

When a video is posted online, the sharing platform (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) will scan the music against a database of appropriate uses for the song as determined by the artist, label, or owner of the song.  This process is often called "Content ID".  If a song is not licensed Content ID may block and remove the video.  It can also result in copyright violation, legal action or litigation.

How is the song Selected for the edit?

How is the song selected for the edit?

There are a few steps involved in the process of selecting music.  First, we ask you and your fiancé to share with us music inspiration to assist in the selection process.  The songs that make up your music inspiration don't need to be "wedding video" songs; overall, they simply give us a general idea of your style and the possible type of music that will fit the memories of your wedding day.  Second, we take the songs provided and discover a genre theme of similar artists and songs.  From there, we find songs available in the musicbed library that match the sytle and genre of music you enjoy most.  This process culminates in finding the perfect song!

NP Films doesn't have the song I want

What if NP FILMS doesn't have a license for using the song I want?

Remember, the benefit of using songs from the licensed music library is that you can post and share your video on almost any social platform without fear of being blocked, removed, or possible legal action.  While we cannot edit to songs not found in our music license library, we are more than willing to work with you to find a song solution that you love!

My friend's video has a popular song that can't be licensed, why is it ok for their video, but not mine?

Friend video has song I want

This can be for a variety of reasons.  One, is that the artist may have previously offered a music license for the song that is now no longer available.  Other times, the client and the person who made the video accept the risks involved in the illegal use of a song.  However, any professional wedding videographer will choose to use an appropriately licensed song, because it protects the client and NP Films against any potential future legal issue.  Sadly, sometimes those who use unlicensed music for their wedding videos are lulled into a false sense of security, often because of the absence of an immediate consequence.  Keep in mind, social media sharing policies frequently change and as a result the music industry is pushing for tighter control over the proper use of their songs, which as history as shown, will only lead to more restrictions and litigation in the future.  In summary, as a professional it is not worth doing anything that is not above board and in compliance with the law.

Can i buy the song on itunes for you to use?

Can I buy a song from itunes?

Services like iTunes, apple music, Spotify, and similar offer a personal license for listening only.  Anytime video is matched up to a song it requires a specific license called a 'Synchronization/Master Use' License.  This allows music to be used in timed relation to moving picture, defined as a slideshow, video, or film.

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