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Max and his sweet little voice has made a tremendous impact on the happiness of our little family!  To Jill and I, he is a frequent reminder of how unique each of our four little boys are.  Often caught up in the day to day flow of work and life I have been surprised by how quickly I forget those small fun moments that I tell myself I would never forget.  Despite my best efforts to hit ‘pause’ and keep our little Max at this tender sweet stage he continues to grow and change every day.  Realizing the significance of making a video that could encapsulate his little personality at this age –  I set an annual goal of creating such a video for him and all my boys around each of their birthdays..  So, I spent a day documenting a day in the life of young Max, my goal was to keep things simple, unobtrusive, and just let the natural course of Max’s day evolve the way it usually would.  By already recording before and as he woke up in the morning he was comfortable with just being himself and saw the camera as an extension of me.  While in and of itself it is quite simple this is a video that is very special for me and I look forward to making many more like it!

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