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Laguna Gloria Austin Texas

Austin is rich in culture.  No wonder I fell in love on my first visit there!

In preparation for the wedding I decided to take in the city of Austin.  This meant making a stop at the Violet Crown Cinema.  In this modern theater I enjoyed for the first time one of my favorite movies of 2014, The Grand Budapest Hotel.  (Here is my review on the film)  Afterwards I wondered the streets soaking it all in!  Having only a few hours I cannot imagine that I even scratched the surface.  However, it was just enough to understand the diversity and personality of Austin.

Before shooting Amanda’s wedding, I had the pleasure of shooting both her sisters and her friends wedding videos.  I’m sure thats why I was so excited to finally be shooting Amanda and Matt’s wedding day!  Still, I did not neglect my usual preparation of learning more about the couple.  This is primarily done using Spotify. We collaborate on a playlist that involves sharing music that both the bride and groom love.  Listening to songs they love is extremely helpful.  It not only helps me in getting to know the couple better, but serves as inspiration when shooting and editing.  When reviewing their playlist I was pleasantly surprised.  I found artists like the Black Keys, B.o.B., Lorde, Electric Guest, and more.  Listening to this distinct group of songs I imagined an upbeat and high energy event.  I definitely was not disappointed!

There were many surprises and unique performances.  One of which was a rock and roll solo by the bride’s father.  His solo was dedicated to the happy couple.  It complimented the unique style first perceived from their playlist.

The ceremony took place at the Laguna Gloria Austin Texas located at The Contemporary Austin.  The venue perfectly contrasted with that unique style.  With just enough beauty and elegance – I found it to be just enough to keep the traditionalists very happy.


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