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Engagement: Stephanie + Brandon

Photos by

As you may have noticed – the date video I had shot with Gideon Photo a couple of months back was taken down. Since then we’ve been anxious to collaborate once again on an updated engagement photo/video. Because, Jimmy and I are good friends its a given that we and the couple are going to have some good laughs – while still taking the time to make every shot count.

Some things to know about Gideon Photo: Jimmy is not interested in just going out to shoot a bunch of pictures and hoping to bring home enough to make the client happy, but his true talent lies in his ability to capture incredible candid moments as he closely considers the couple, their personality, the location, and the lighting. Knowing how to combine the best of these elements and just being the fun guy that he is – he’s able to achieve some amazing shots.

The catch phrase quality versus quantity simply applies. His work is quality and I’m glad my friend Jimmy and I are able to work together. It’s rare that you’ll find a Photographer who cares so much about the clients and the art that they deliver like that of Gideon Photo. Click the link and check out his work – You’ll be hooked.

And of course enjoy the video!


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